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Cocktails Are a Present to Give Yourself

Cocktails Are a Present to Give Yourself
Why we thought a cocktail Hamper was a great idea..
We feel cocktails are sometimes a little overlooked in the home. We mean there’s nothing better than ordering an exciting new cocktail when you go out to a bar, but how often do you actually make these masterpiece drinks at home?
Considering the current change in people dining in rather than dining out, surely making your own cocktails at home is a necessity?! So therefore, what better way to make sure your friends are going to provide you with yummy exciting cocktails, than providing them with the tools & most of all ingredients to do so!
We are big fans of a cocktail, something sweet and fruity in the summer, an espresso martini for a night out, but what about just turning your evening bottle of Prosecco into something really exciting? That’s where we started thinking about Prosecco cocktails… but how to make it so you can tailor them to your own taste?
Sophie loves a zingy citrus cocktail, but Bobbi loves something sweet and fruity. So we wanted to make a gift where you could get both! The dehydrated raspberries and juniper in our botanics set, means you can turn sweet Prosecco into something crisp and fresh. However, the delicate hint of a dried hibiscus flower creates a sweeter and fragrant drink. Couple this with a dash (or more) of the Chambord and it’s astounding how quickly the drink changes!
We love experimenting with drinks, and one of our favourite things about our cocktail hampers, is that every one you make is different, we give you all the ingredients to style your cocktail to your taste. Which we think is pretty great!
Please let us know how yours turned out!
LHC xo

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